Simplify your business processes with one-step payment processing from SBS Solutions and ChargeItPro. With SBS Solutions and ChargeItPro on your side, you're free to focus on your core business — not your payment processing technology. 

One-step payment processing

Integrated with your SBS Solutions software, ChargeItPro payment processing occurs from any payment screen, so processing payments is fast, simple, and seamless.

Simple to use


ChargeItPro will keep you up to date with emerging technologies, including EMV, Apple Pay, and Android Pay.

Priced right

ChargeItPro offers competitive rates and no application, sign-up, or termination fees.

PCI Compliant

Our PA-DSS compliant software protects transactions, for customer security and peace of mind. 


ChargeItPro's one-step payment processing solution will help you and your business by eliminating errors, saving time, and providing increased security. 



Devices you can depend on

ChargeItPro's hardware options will meet your business needs and allow you to process the newest technology, including contactless payment methods, EMV adoption, and more.

PAX S300

(Stand-alone only)

powered by

SBS and ChargeItPro


Integrated payment processing for your business management software is just a few clicks away. Contact ChargeItPro today to see just how easy and cost effective an integrated solution can be.

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