HandyWorks and ChargeItPro have teamed up to provide you with a seamless solution for processing payments. 

HandyWorks announces partnership with ChargeItPro

Integrated with your HandyWorks software, ChargeItPro payment processing occurs from any payment screen, so processing credit and debit cards is simple, seamless, and fast. 

One-step payment processing

Signature capture

Accept eSignatures for credit and debit payments.

Credit card vaulting

Make card-on-file transactions safe and easy by securely storing credit card information. 

We're on your side

The knowledgable experts at ChargeItPro are dedicated to your success, providing responsive customer care every step of the way.


ChargeItPro's integrated payment processing solution will help you and your business by eliminating errors, saving time, and providing increased security. 

Devices you can depend on

ChargeItPro's hardware options will meet your business needs and allow you to process the newest technology, including contactless payment methods, EMV adoption, and more.

PAX S300



(Stand-alone only)

powered by

HandyWorks and ChargeItPro


Integrated payment processing with HandyWorks is just a few clicks away. Contact ChargeItPro today to see just how easy and cost effective an integrated solution can be.

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